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The alloy composition and heat treatment condition has been continuously improved and optimized through the lessons learned during development and production of superalloy and corrosion-resistant alloy products. At present, Fushun Special Steel has its own know-how,capable of producing superalloy and corrosion-resistant alloy series products according to general standards (GB, HB, ASME, AMS, ISO) and customer special requirements, covering forged products, forgings, rolled products, cold or hot rolled sheets and plates, and cold drawn products of more than 800 dimensions, as well as providing products with specific delivery conditions required by customers.The products have stable quality and good market reputation.

Superalloys for energy and electric power

Product Designation:

GH4169、GH2132、Incoloy800、Inconel 600、Inconel X750、N06625、690、UNSN10003、1Cr15Ni36W3Ti

Product Form: rolled products,forged products,sheets, forgings

Superalloys and corrosion-resistant alloys for steam turbines

Product Designation:


Product Form: rolled products,forged products,sheets

Corrosion-resistant alloys for petroleum and petrochemical

Product Designation:

TDJ-G3、 N06625、N10276、N08367、N08810、N08825、N08028、N08020、N08904、N06601、N08367、NS334、NS336、NS331、Incoloy800 series、Incoloy825、IN718(Inconel718)、Inconel600、Inconel625、Inconel690、F308、MONEL400、 MONEL K500、FN-2、HastelloyC4、HastelloyC276、HastelloyC2000、HastelloyC59、HastelloyB2、 HastelloyB3

Product Form: rolled products,forged products,tube billet

Superalloys for standard parts

Product Designation: IN718(Inconel718)、A286、N06625

Product Form: rolled products,forged products, wire